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“Why is [Tajikistan] Shutting Down the Only Islamist Party in the Post-Soviet World?” Arkady Dubnov, Carnegie Center in Moscow, 4 Sept 2015

Dubnov_Why_Is_Tajikistan_Banning_the_IRP_2015 Advertisements

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BBC, Alleged Attempt by Tajikistan’s Security Agents on Migrant Opposition Leader’s Life in Russia, 2 Dec 2014.


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“‘High Somon’, Intellectual[s] and Insects. Or Who Are the Superior People in Tajikistan?” by Marat Mamadshoev, Ozodagon, 28 Nov 2013

Mamadshoev_High-Somon_Intellectuals & Insects_28_Nov_2013

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New Amnesty Report: “Return to Torture: Extraditions, Forcible Returns & Removals to Central Asia,” July 2013

Amnesty_Return_to_Torture_in_Central_Asia_2013 Amnesty_ВозВращение_к_пыткам_в_центральной_азии_2013

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Appeal to Human Rights Groups on Continued Detention of “New Tajikistan Party” Leader, BBC, 18 June 2013


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Tajikistani Civil Society Unimpressed With Country’s Human Rights Ombudsman, RFE, 22 Apr 2013


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Tajikistan Officials Claim No Political Motive behind Ethnic Uzbek Activist Salimboy Shamsiddinov’s Disappearance, RFE, 27 Mar 2013


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