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“Politics & Human Rights in Tajikistan: Squandered Opportunities, Uncertain Future,” OSCE Yearbook 2011.

CORE_Politics & Human_Rights_in_Tajikistan_2009_2011 Advertisements

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“Everyone knew why General Nazarov was killed”, Asia Plus interview with Boymamad Alibahshev on Badakhshan clashes, 17 August 2012 (


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“A Moscow Compromise with Bishkek. What About Dushanbe?” Abduqayum Qayumzod, RFE, 17 Aug 2012


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“Who Should Be Protecting ‘Marjona’ from Police Violence?” Mirzonabi Kholiqzod, RFE, 17 August 2012


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Asia Plus Ramziya Mirzobekova’s Interview w/ Ex-Commander I. Imomnazarov, 10 Aug 2012


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Ten Influential Personalities of Tajikistan’s 2013 Presidential Elections, “Elita” Magazine, July 2012


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RFE Intervew with Tolib Ayombekov, 11 August 2012, by Salim Ayoubzod


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